Aqua Optima Water Filter Bottle 650ml Retail Box


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Aqua Optima Water Filter Bottle 650ml Retail Box No warranty


13 in stock

Aqua Optima 650ml Water Filter Bottle Retail Box No warranty
Product Overview:
We have developed a unique water filtration system that reduces impurities such as limescale, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides to bring you cleaner, purer and great tasting water. We offer a range of water filters to suit most water filter jugs. These water bottles from Aqua Optima aim to cleanse tap water and reduce chlorine by up to 90% for even more refreshing drink. Bottle hold 650ml and come with a free filter, it help to reduce herbicides, pesticides and fine particles for up to 230 refills.

Enjoy great tasting, purer water.

Aqua Optima water filters significantly reduce the amount of unwanted substances found in tap water. We have developed a range of filtration systems which reduce high levels of limescale, chlorine, heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides to bring you purer water that tastes great.

Enhance the taste of hot and cold drinks.

The taste of hot and cold drinks is greatly improved when you use filtered water. With less chlorine and water hardness, you and your family can enjoy great tasting hot and cold drinks every day.

Enrich the look and taste of cooked vegetables.
Aqua Optima water filters provide purer, cleaner water which is ideal for cooking fresh vegetables. Steaming and boiling vegetables in filtered water will make meals taste better and look more appealing.

Extend appliance life by reducing limescale build up.

Our filter technology greatly reduces calcium which causes limescale to build up in kettles, irons, steam mops and other small domestic appliances that use tap water. Reducing limescale build up improves the performance and extends the life of these appliances.

Ease your environmental impact.
In today’s fast-paced world, we are all becoming more aware of the ways we can reduce our environmental impact. Swapping bottled water for filtered water offers a more economical way to be kinder to the environment.


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