Noble SunLite Solar Power desktop Lamp


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Noble SunLite Solar Power desktop Lamp- Black Retail Box 1 year warranty


231 in stock

Noble SunLite Solar Power desktop Lamps – Colour: Black – Retail Box, No Warranty

Product Overview :

The Noble Sunlite Solar Desktop Lamp is an ideal candle replacement which can safely be used in a variety of applications such as Indoors , Outdoors, Factories, Laboratories, School Dormitories, sheds, gazebos, cabins, outhouses, back garages, etc…
Using this product as a light source saves energy and protects the environment.The Solar lamp is not just an investment in energy-efficient lights for your home, it is also an investment in the environment.
Solar power is an excellent way to create a more environmentally-friendly home.This is because solar radiation is an inexhaustible source of free energy.

Specifications :

Solar panel: 2.0V 300mA
3x Replaceable NiMH rechargeable Batteries :
1.2V 2500mAh
LED: 1W white
63 LED 03 solar panel (53 Illumination Lights)
Switch 140*21 Ohm


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